Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sasa Crease Brush

To be honest, a crease brush was not on my to-buy list. But when my sister told me about this affordable crease brush (RM 9.90) which she bought from Sasa, I was a wee bit tempted to get one for myself. She told me that it performed well enough for her. So I thought "Hey, why not?" and promptly got one for myself.

Sadly, I ended up being disappointed with this brush. Main reason? Well, the second I dragged it across my lid, I gave a howl of pain. Some of the brush bristles were simply too coarse! I tried mending the problem by cutting off some of the annoyingly hard bristles. Epic fail :( There were simply too many of them! 

When I screeched my dissatisfaction at my sister, she nonchalantly told me bad apples sometimes appear among relatively good products. Which is true actually. It was merely a stroke of bad luck that I got this skin-marring brush. Sasa products are generally alright. I got an angle brush from Sasa and it worked just fine.

This brush now lies unused in one of the compartments where I store my makeup. So the search for a new crease brush has begun...

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