Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dark Under-Eye Circles

Nobody wants to look like a panda...

Okay, don't get me wrong. Pandas are super adorable creatures, especially the baby ones. What I am focusing on here is dark circles. I have horrible dark circles which is a real pain in the butt because they make me look exhausted all the time. Worse still, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

Thank goodness that dark circles can be concealed with makeup. Concealers are really a life-saver! Otherwise, I would be walking around looking so freaking sleep-deprived, probably zombie-like...

When choosing a concealer, you should select a color that is a shade lighter than your normal color if your dark circles are blue-black. If you suffer from puffiness as well, choose a shade darker than your typical color. 

However, you shouldn't layer on too much concealer to hide dark circles. It would backfire because the cakey-ness would draw attention to the skin under your eyes. It will scream "HEY, look at my awful dark circles!!!" Definitely a no-no... so use a light touch when you're applying the concealer.

In my case, I use my trusted SkinFood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream.

This cream concealer is absolutely amazing! It spreads easily and does not leave streaky marks once blended well. I usually apply it on with my fingers. It stays on long enough once you set it with powder. What's more, it lasts a long time since you only need a little of it to conceal your dark circles. 

Needless to say, concealer is the one makeup product that I cannot live without :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

My Boss, My Hero

Have you ever watched a TV series that made you laugh so hard that you actually cried? Well, I had that experience when I watched My Boss, My Hero.

It is a Japanese comedy which consists of only ten episodes. The story is about Sakaki Makio, a 27-year-old high school dropout who is next in line to be the yakuza (gangster) boss. 

Makio is pretty good when it comes to fighting and gambling. But in terms of academic standards, he is unbelievably dumb. So his dad forces him back to high school and threatens that he would not make Makio the next boss if he doesn't graduate. His days in high school make him realize school is not all about tests and studying. It is in school that he realizes the true meaning of friendship and hard work.

This is seriously the best and funniest Japanese TV series I have ever seen! Each episode had me in fits of laughter. Nagase Tomoya, the actor who plays Sakaki Makio, is an ace at producing the most ridiculous and legendary expressions. Here are some of his most epic ones:

And here's my utmost favourite:

Crazy, right? It's also real fun to watch the yakuza talk.They always have this invade-your-personal-space tendency and contorted expressions. Makio's suboridinate, Kazu, is also awesome at making fierce yet comical yakuza expressions...

The way Makio threatens and roars into Kazu's face is just nuts! It's crazily funny and exaggerated!

If you haven't watched it, you must check this one out :) It is extremely hilarious and heart-warming at the same time. Definitely a must-watch!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Clamoring for Etude House Missing U Lip Balms

I. Want. These.

Aren't they adorable??? These are the Etude House Missing U Lip Balms. They come in Harp Seal Grapefruit, Panda Peach, Pink Dolphin Cherry and Fairy Penguin Green Apple. 

So far, the reviews I have read about these products have been positive. So...yay! How I am to say no to a good lip balm right? I mean, they play such an important role in moisturizing the lips. Otherwise, Crackzilla would make a grand appearance...

Honestly, it was love at the first sight. I wanted them the moment I saw these lip balms! I plan to get them when I go to Korea as I was told that I could get them cheaper there :) At the moment, I'm targeting Harp Seal Grapefruit and Pink Dolphin Cherry. Hopefully these babies would be mine soon! 

Do you have these adorable lip balms? If so, what do you think of them? 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Life is tough sometimes :( Just when you thought everything is going to be okay, a mega bomb is dropped. And then you find yourself back at miserable square one. Oh well...

Monday, 5 March 2012

Acuvue Contact Lenses

I love wearing contact lenses. There was a period of time when I absolutely adore wearing colored ones which made my eyes appear bigger. I typically wore those by FreshKon, favouring the Sparklers shimmering grey and brilliant brown. 

Unfortunately, most of the contact lenses (including FreshKon) I wore often left my eyes dry and rather bloodshot. I guess my eyes are pretty sensitive :( I was mourning the fact that perhaps contact lenses and I were not meant to be...until I found Acuvue contact lenses.

I got a box for RM45. There are three pair of contact lenses in one box. Each pair lasts for a month.

These contact lenses are extremely comfortable to wear! They do NOT dry my eyes out like other contact lenses. It feels as though I'm not wearing them at all. I have tried wearing them for seven hours straight and still they did not irritate my eyes. Now that is really impressive! When wearing other contact lenses, my eyes typically get irritated after a mere 2 hours or so.

So I guess contact lenses and I are meant to be after all, thanks to Acuvue ^^