Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Journey So Far...

When I was down, you were there to cheer me up. When I was sick, you took great care of me. When I was demotivated, you filled my head with encouragement. When I was giving up, you made sure that I stood up again and faced whatever challenges that came towards me.

I seriously cannot imagine a life without my twin sister Ann. 22 years together. She has always been there for me in desperate times. Always was, always will be. So here's a poem dedicated to my dearest sister :)

So many good things come in pairs….

Like ears and socks and panda bears.
But best of all are sets of twins,
with extra laughter, double grins.

There's so much fun in having two
with twice as many points of view.
So much alike, forever linked,
and yet they're also quite distinct.

They share a birthday and a name,
But moods and tempers aren't the same.
Although at times they may dispute,
their loyalty is absolute.

From days of youth till life is done,
it's one for both and both for one.
We're all quite novel and precise,
But special folks ~
God made twice.

--By Larry Howland

Thanks for always being there for me. Love you 姐姐^^


  1. u daaaahlin! Muaks Muaks..Life's so much more fun, joyful and crazy with a sister like you. I thank God everytime for that. Ups and downs, it doesn't matter. I can always count on you. Know that I will be here for u too. Always :)