Sunday, 27 February 2011

Life As It Is

Last week was one helluva a week filled with certain ups and downs. On the positive side:

Makeup. I am OBSSESSED with makeup ^_^ I had a fantastic time making up with my sister and cousin yesterday night. You see, we simply had to find a suitable look for our individual graduation pictures. Can't imagine slathering on the wrong kind of make up and looking down right hideous. 10 years down the road and you look at the pic thinking "Oh my God....who is that creature?!" Soooo don't want that to happen! The night was filled with shrieks of laughter and colors. Thankfully, all three of us managed to find colors which suit us. Ann helped a great deal. In fact, she was the one who influenced me into loving makeup. She claimed that I have graduated with flying colors in terms of putting makeup :) It is times like this that is meaningful. Having fun with your loved ones in a totally relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself.

The downside of last week:

It all started with workshops. I'm talking about postgraduate workshops that discuss your options in the future. Not that they were bad or anything. It was more of me trying my best to figure out what is best for my future. It just so happened that I am the kind of person who is sooooo undecided about her own future. I do NOT have an actual clear idea about what I want to become . The thing is...I'm graduating soon, very soon in fact. Take Masters? Then move on to PHD? If I take Masters, what should I major into? Or should I just start working? :( Feel so lost. Suddenly, the day seemed darker and thunder clouds started to appear above my head. Hopefully everything will turn out fine in the end *fingers crossed*

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  1. Dun worry mi hermana, you're gona be ok. Ur options will seem clearer when the time's right. Gambate o! ;)