Friday, 1 July 2011

Fresh Face Makeup

Makeup is such a wonderful tool. It can help enhance your features and hide your flaws. Overdoing it, however, can lead to disastrous results. Take Taylor Momsen for example.

Her raccoon eyes literally made me shudder in horror...And she is such a beautiful girl. Why ruin her natural beauty with globs of makeup? In my opinion, going fresh faced is the best. You don't need heavy makeup to look gorgeous. Here are some examples of celebrities with fresh face makeup:

Jennifer Lawrence
I couldn't help but gape at this picture of Jennifer. She looks so frigging stunning with her barely there eye makeup, slight tint of blush and nude lips. It is amazing how such a simple look can bring out the full force of her beauty. Her makeup is flawless. Period.

Katrina Bowden
Another fresh faced beauty is Katrina Bowden. She looks ethereal in this picture. Like Jennifer, Katrina has minimal eye makeup and nude lips. Her skin is practically glowing, people! Jadore her hair style as well. It goes beautifully with her subtle makeup.

Emma Watson
With her English rose complexion and fine features, Emma obviously does not need much makeup to look pretty. This picture is proof. This gal never fails to impress. She does it so perfectly all the time. Her makeup is never too heavy. She puts just the right amount of makeup to make a spectacular appearance.

Blake Lively
Blake is one of the those few celebrities who manage to look gorgeous every time. She always has that fresh and dewy appearance. A little dab of shimmery white eyeshadow at the inner corners of her eyes helped to brighten her look. Blake is a whizz at not only makeup but also at fashion. Her outfits are frequently winners.

All the celebrities above dazzle with just minimal makeup. Still, I feel that makeup can only do so much to make your complexion appear radiant. It is best to have skin that glows from within. This is where skincare comes in. It is really important to ensure that your skin is well hydrated and protected from horrid UV rays. Once your skin is healthy, you will look fabulous naturally!

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