Monday, 27 June 2011

Knee High Boots ♥

I have always wanted a pair of fantabulous boots. After much thinking, yours truly decided that her ideal boots would have to be: 

  • Brown in color
  • Made out of soft fabric (so that they would not mar my feet)
  • Knee high (ankle boots would make me look shorter, unless worn with leggings or dark tights)

Now I'm thrilled to say that gone are the days where I wished I had gorgeous boots. The boots that I got from Elements actually fit all the criteria that I have listed above. Put plainly, they are my DREAM boots! My favourite aunt bought them for me when we went shopping in Sunway Carnival mall. Love her max! ♥ ♥ ♥ I wouldn't have gotten them on my own for they were rather pricey.

Just looking at them makes me absurdly happy. Crazy right? ^_^

These boots are so wonderfully comfortable. One factor is that they are low-heeled boots. Unlike some other shoes, this baby of mine does not cut into my feet. That means that I can walk in them for hours and hours. This is crucial especially when I'm on a shopping spree. I don't want to wear shoes that would cripple me by the end of the day! Did I mentioned that these boots are also chio? I'm so in love with them!

What I like about knee high boots is that they can make chunky calves appear slimmer. They are also incredibly stylish and flattering. Knee high boots are typically worn with jeans, leggings or short or long hemlines. If you tuck your jeans into your boots for a sleek look, make sure that you are wearing skinny jeans to avoid looking "balloony". Here are some examples of how to wear knee high boots:

Selena Gomez
Blake Lively
Taylor Swift
Knee high boots are absolutely lovely, no?


  1. Haha get one Biao Mei :) Then we rock those boots together!