Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Noodle Cravings

I was looking through some pictures of mine when I saw this:

Instantly, my stomach gave an almighty rumble. Just looking at it makes my mouth water! I'm a noodles person all the way. I love noodles more than rice in fact :) 

Okay, back to this bowl of yummy goodness. I ate it in a shop called Face to Face Noodle House.  If I'm not wrong, it is called House Specialty Hot and Spicy Pan Mee. It is priced at RM5.60. 

Basically, you'll get a bowl of noodles as shown in the picture above and you can mix in other ingredients such as dried chili and sambal. The combination is absolutely smashing! Needless to say, I gobbled it down with much relish.

I went to this shop when I was in my previous university. In my current location, I have yet to find another Face to Face Noodle House outlet :( 

So the search for my perfect bowl of noodles continues...

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