Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Anna Sui Advertisements

We all know that advertisements play an essential role of promoting a product. They attract potential customers and wickedly tempt them to purchase the products. I wouldn't buy a product if its ad is crappy. After all, ads give consumers a very crucial first impression.

Okay back to the topic. I have always been fascinated by Anna Sui ads. Every time I flip through a fashion magazine, my eyes are inevitably drawn towards them. These ads are so vibrant, colorful and fantasy-like! Here are some examples of Anna Sui makeup ads:

Famous English model, Agyness Deyn, is a typical face on Anna Sui ads. With her blonde locks and piercing blue eyes, she stands out naturally. She looks absolutely fabulous in each ad of course!

What I really love are Anna Sui perfume ads. I prefer them over the makeup ads. Anna Sui totally nails it when it comes to advertising her perfumes. She constantly manages to produce such beautiful and eye-catching ads. I'm always riveted whenever I see them. Here are some examples:

I simply can't get enough of this gorgeous Secret Wish perfume ad. It gives off great fantasy vibes. Whenever I look at it, I feel like I'm whisked away to Fairyland! The pastel colors used also makes the ad a pleasure to look at. I'm just so in love with it!

Here's Agyness Deyn again. Once more, she looks totally chic. I love that the rocker chick look is fused with a hint of femininity, thanks to the purplish-pink hues and pretty butterflies. On the contrary, the other version of the ad emits waves of pure sweetness. It's so girly and innocent.

This Forbidden Affair ad is one of my favourites. The name itself is so catchy! I adore the packaging of this perfume as well. It is classy and creative. This ad exudes a wonderful magical feel. It is just so dreamy and princessy. The ad really creates the mood of a scandalous forbidden affair. 

I was really captivated when I saw this ad. Instantly, a magic carpet and picturesque Arabian night scenery flashed through my mind. The model in this ad looks stunning. Her whole look really captures the essence of the Night of Fancy perfume. I especially love the peacock embroidered on her headdress.

In short, Anna Sui rocks when it comes to advertisements. One word fittingly describes her ads: Fantabulous!

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