Saturday, 22 October 2011

Rocky Road Ice-Cream

Ice-cream is one of my favourite indulgences, aside from chocolate of course :) I can never say no to vanilla, chocolate and caramel flavoured ones. As for Cookies n Cream ice-cream, I won't even hesitate to gobble it down! It is my absolute favourite of all!

So I hung out with my friends one day and we went to an ice-cream shop called The Cream & Fudge Factory. The wide array of yummy-licious flavours displayed before me left my jaw hanging. After much debating, we finally chose the Rocky Road ice-cream.

And boy am I glad that we chose that one! I mean, look at the chocolate syrup, nuts and marshmallows It is so mouth-watering, no? It was heavenly of course. Unlike some ice-creams which taste bland, this ice-cream is freaking rich and creamy. 

A one scoop creation costs about Rm12.90.  My friends and I ordered the double scoop which is priced at RM18.90.

As I dug into the amazingly delicious dessert, I was reminded once again why I loved ice-cream. It brings joy and comfort. Enough said :)

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