Friday, 27 April 2012

Clinique Long-Lasting Glosswear

I wasn't planning on getting any makeup products during my trip to China. But when was I browsing around the Clinique counter in the airport, SOMETHING caught my eye. 

Five sample-sized Clinique Long-Lasting lip glosses which are perfect for travel. I simply couldn't stop staring at them. I mean, they are soooo pretty! Did I mention that I love the colors offered as well? So I told myself that it was fate and got them!

From left: Goldspun ,Guavagold, Cabana Crush, Bonfire, Knockout Nude
Goldspun is a nude color. It doesn't really give color. It's more like a clear gloss. Guavagold is a peachy-pink color. I use it when I want a sheer tint of color on my lips. Cabana Crush is a hot pink which I really adore. It adds such a vibrant burst of color to my lips, love it! Bonfire is a darker shade of red, perfect if you want to go for a more sophisticated look.Knockout Nude has an earthy-brown nudish tone. It looks rather dark in the tube but it is sheerer than it appears when applied on the lips.

These lip glosses have teeny tiny flexes of golden glitter in them. No chunky or rough glitter that makes your lips look over-glittery! Definitely a plus point ^^

I must say that I don't regret buying them. As the name indicates, they are really long-lasting. They stay put even after eating and drinking. And they have SPF 15 too, which further justifies my purchase :)

The only weakness of these lip-glosses is their stickiness. They really are a bit sticky. But other than that, they are great!

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