Thursday, 7 June 2012

Etude House Pudding Dia Eyeshadow

I can never say no when it comes to glitter. This is especially so when it comes to shimmery makeup. Thus, the glitter magpie in me was instantly smitten when I saw the Pudding Dia Eyeshadow in Etude House. This product comes in five sweet shades:

I got the pink one since I love the color so much!

Its texture is unlike those of other cream eyeshadows that I have seen. This pudding-ish cream eyeshadow has a texture which I will describe as spongy. What I like about it is that the glitter is very fine. Chunky glitter can look rather tacky sometimes :/ 

For this product, you only need a small amount to achieve that gorgeous shimmery effect on your eyelids. So this product would actually last you a long time.

Still, this cream eyeshadow has a flaw. That is, you need to build up the color. One swipe of it will only give you a shimmery silver color. You need to layer it on before you can see the pink.

You can, however, solve this problem by applying a pink eyeshadow as a base first before putting this product on. That would give you a pretty sparkly pink color.

Despite its flaw, I still love this pudding eyeshadow as it gives my eyes the glittery look which I like!

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