Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cheetos Craziness

What do you do when your final exams are over? In my case, it is movie time!!! My sister, cousin and I decided to have a the Lord of the Rings movie marathon. No other movie can ever beat this movie. I mean, I don't get bored of it even after watching it several times. LOTR is the greatest movie ever! 

Now we all know that watching movies are made better with the presence of snacks :) So we got ourselves Cheetos!


Cheetos is really more expensive as compared to our local snacks due to the fact that it is imported. But hey, it is great to have something different once in a while. We only bought one packet as it is HUGE! It is enough to be shared among three people. 

The Cheetos that we bought came in the form of mouth-watering large twisted puffs. I can't adequately describe how delicious they are! For a cheese lover like me, it tastes like heaven. It is slightly salty and soooo cheesy that I savoured every bite! Every crunch of the twisted puffs brought satisfaction. If you're a cheese person like me, then Cheetos is definitely for you.

We intended to watch ALL three of the Lord of the Rings movies but only managed to watched finish The Fellowship of the Ring and half of The Two Towers. You see, we started watching at 11pm and by the time we reached the second half of The Two Towers, we could barely keep our eyes open. It was already close to 5am at that time.

So we called it a day and went to bed. Perfect movie and perfect snack together with awesome people. What more can I ask for? :)

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