Friday, 8 June 2012


Freedom never tasted sooooo good! My final exams are finally OVER :) After slaving for weeks with my nose buried in notes and books, it's utterly refreshing to be able to do whatever I want again. I celebrated my long-missed freedom by going shopping (I know, typical right??). The shopping trip was further made perfect with the movie Prometheus.

My interest of this movie was piqued when I knew that it actually shows the origins of the aliens in the famous Alien movies. PLUS, Michael Fassbender is acting in this movie. I first knew him through X-Men First Class where he played Magneto. 

I personally think that he looks better as Magneto. He is blonde in Prometheus

Doesn't really suit him, no? He looks better with dark hair. Not that I'm crazy about this dude, I'm loyal to my Chris Hemsworth! My sister, however, calls Michael her hubs!

Okay, so Prometheus is about a team of explorers who journey to another planet to discover the origins of mankind. But their initial euphoria of finding life there turns to horror when they find out that there's a plan to wipe out the human race. You get to see the typical gruesomeness of humans being attacked and killed by the aliens. I jumped and flinched several times during the movie. So do prepare yourselves for some shocks and gory scenes if you watch it.

The movie was nice. Interesting even.You should all the more watch it if you're a fan of the Alien movies. You get to see how the disgusting and creepy aliens came into being.

But there were quite a few holes that remained unexplained in the movie which left me confused. For example, it is not clarified why the humanoid aliens, who supposedly created mankind, wanted to destroy the human race. I was a tad disappointed as I really wanted to know why.

On the whole, Prometheus is fine. It is worth watching :)

On a more random note, I discovered a Korean makeup store called Holika Holika in the shopping mall. 


I must say that I was absolutely mesmerized by the creativity of the makeup packaging. The quality of the makeup seems fab as well. Too bad I was too broke to get anything :( :( :( Oh well...there's always next time...

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