Monday, 16 May 2011

Elie Saab Dresses

Elie Saab is one of my favourite fashion designers. He is a renowned Lebanese whose designs are favoured by many celebrities. When browsing through major events where celebrities flaunt their fantabulous attires, I tend to scrutinize those who are clad in Elie Saab. His dresses and gowns are typically flowy, romantic and just drop dead gorgeous! Here are some celebs who favour his creations:

Taylor Swift

Scarlett Johansson

Here's a close up picture of Scarlett's dress. The glittery details are really magnificient. They show how much effort has been put into producing the dress. When I first saw this dress, what came into my mind was "delicate" and "elegant". These elaborated details really make a huge difference in the design. They give the dress a special and glamorous touch.

I was captivated by the Elie Saab dress which Scarlett wore to the Oscars this year. It is simply stunning! I especially love the painstalkingly intricate lace flower patterns on her dress. The bareback design provides a sexy look. I also like the pinkish purple shade of this dress as it adds a nice tint of sweetness.

Mila Kunis
Another dress at the Oscars which caught my eye was the one worn by Mila Kunis. She was practically glowing in this dress. I love how it just flows. The sheer parts of the dress makes it sizzle. And yet, the pastel color screams sweet and dreamy.

That is what I like about Elie Saab's dresses. He is a genius who creates beautiful dresses which combine sexy and sweet elements. The colors he chooses for his creations are F-A-B! Here are some of the Elie Saab Couture 2010 Spring Collection dresses which I fell in love with:

Wonderful, aren't they?

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