Thursday, 9 June 2011

Current Bag of Mine

Okay, so I admit that I'm kind of a bag freak. I love love love bags. But I ain't splurging to get the bags I lust after. That's because most of the bags I want are of high-ended brands. My favourite bag brand at the moment is Coach. Jadore their unique designs (Think Poppy collection)! If I were to buy them now, I will have to eat plain porridge for the rest of my life. Yes people, bankruptcy is a cruel thing. 

My current bag is from Vincci and I got it at a discounted price during the year end sales. It cost about RM48.90. What I love about this bag is that it is black and chic! Its major plus point is that it is BIG. It has three different compartments. I can literally fit everything into this baby of mine. My previous bag was rather small so I had to really squash everything into it. As a result, I had many things bent out of shape :( My poor jacket was especially crumpled.

Another thing that I like about this bag is that it has a tassle! Now, I'm a person who has a weakness for intricate details on bags. And tassles? I can't get enough of them. For me, this little tassle actually makes all the difference. It was the first thing that I noticed when I saw the bag. My reaction was to immediately get my paws on it in case somebody else took it. And now it is mine haha.

Apart from the details, I like how the gold color contrasts with the black color. Without the gold bits, the bag would not have looked so attractive. You have to have some light to brighten the darkness after all!

So in a nutshell, I'm totally glad that I bought this bag. Discount really played a big role in this purchase of mine. I suppose I will have to wait until I start working before I can splurge on the bags on my lust list. But I think it is worth the wait. In fact, the wait would make the satisfaction of getting them all the more sweeter.

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