Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dark Under-Eye Circles

Nobody wants to look like a panda...

Okay, don't get me wrong. Pandas are super adorable creatures, especially the baby ones. What I am focusing on here is dark circles. I have horrible dark circles which is a real pain in the butt because they make me look exhausted all the time. Worse still, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

Thank goodness that dark circles can be concealed with makeup. Concealers are really a life-saver! Otherwise, I would be walking around looking so freaking sleep-deprived, probably zombie-like...

When choosing a concealer, you should select a color that is a shade lighter than your normal color if your dark circles are blue-black. If you suffer from puffiness as well, choose a shade darker than your typical color. 

However, you shouldn't layer on too much concealer to hide dark circles. It would backfire because the cakey-ness would draw attention to the skin under your eyes. It will scream "HEY, look at my awful dark circles!!!" Definitely a no-no... so use a light touch when you're applying the concealer.

In my case, I use my trusted SkinFood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream.

This cream concealer is absolutely amazing! It spreads easily and does not leave streaky marks once blended well. I usually apply it on with my fingers. It stays on long enough once you set it with powder. What's more, it lasts a long time since you only need a little of it to conceal your dark circles. 

Needless to say, concealer is the one makeup product that I cannot live without :)

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