Thursday, 22 March 2012

Clamoring for Etude House Missing U Lip Balms

I. Want. These.

Aren't they adorable??? These are the Etude House Missing U Lip Balms. They come in Harp Seal Grapefruit, Panda Peach, Pink Dolphin Cherry and Fairy Penguin Green Apple. 

So far, the reviews I have read about these products have been positive. So...yay! How I am to say no to a good lip balm right? I mean, they play such an important role in moisturizing the lips. Otherwise, Crackzilla would make a grand appearance...

Honestly, it was love at the first sight. I wanted them the moment I saw these lip balms! I plan to get them when I go to Korea as I was told that I could get them cheaper there :) At the moment, I'm targeting Harp Seal Grapefruit and Pink Dolphin Cherry. Hopefully these babies would be mine soon! 

Do you have these adorable lip balms? If so, what do you think of them? 

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