Monday, 5 March 2012

Acuvue Contact Lenses

I love wearing contact lenses. There was a period of time when I absolutely adore wearing colored ones which made my eyes appear bigger. I typically wore those by FreshKon, favouring the Sparklers shimmering grey and brilliant brown. 

Unfortunately, most of the contact lenses (including FreshKon) I wore often left my eyes dry and rather bloodshot. I guess my eyes are pretty sensitive :( I was mourning the fact that perhaps contact lenses and I were not meant to be...until I found Acuvue contact lenses.

I got a box for RM45. There are three pair of contact lenses in one box. Each pair lasts for a month.

These contact lenses are extremely comfortable to wear! They do NOT dry my eyes out like other contact lenses. It feels as though I'm not wearing them at all. I have tried wearing them for seven hours straight and still they did not irritate my eyes. Now that is really impressive! When wearing other contact lenses, my eyes typically get irritated after a mere 2 hours or so.

So I guess contact lenses and I are meant to be after all, thanks to Acuvue ^^


  1. Many Friends of mine are also using Acuve Contact Lenses. They also said that the lenses are good and perfect.

    1. Good to hear that there are many fans of Acuvue :) They are my holy grail contact lenses!