Friday, 17 June 2011

Makeup Guru - Michelle Phan

Aside from being influenced by my sister, makeup tutorials played a huge role in building my interest in cosmetics. I watched several different tutorials by various makeup gurus but Michelle Phan's videos never fail to stand out. She is a Vietnamese-American who became famous by creating makeup and beauty tutorials on YouTube. She is also a spokesperson for Lancôme.

This gal is simply talented and brilliant. After watching her videos, you can tell that she puts in a lot of effort to ensure that her videos are of top quality and professional. Hence, it is no wonder that she has garnered over a million subscribers. She also has more than 150 videos at the moment.

Michelle has a creative and artistic streak in her. The looks she creates for her makeup tutorials are often gorgeous and unique. I like the fact that she caters to the needs of her wide audience. For instance, she does tutorials for masquerades, school, prom, Christmas and Halloween. I particularly love her vampire makeup for Halloween. The finished look is absolutely stunning and ethereal.

Of all her videos, my favourite is her Romantic Valentine's Day Date tutorial. The look she created is natural and subtle but undeniably beautiful. I simply adore the sweet pink, taupe and brown tones that she used to produce this look. It is perfect for a date or a day out. After watching this tutorial, I was immensely interested in Lancôme's Oscillation Powerfoundation and Color Design Haute Sunset Eyeshadow Quad. But they are way out of my budget, so...*resigned sigh*

With her talent and determination, this remarkable makeup guru is definitely going places. Check out her YouTube account at MichellePhan.

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