Tuesday, 11 October 2011

♥ Cheer Up ♥

It is impossible to be happy all the time. There are bound to be moments where the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders. You'll start to feel pretty miserable.

Whenever this happens, you definitely have to find ways to cheer yourself up. If not, you'll turn into a sad blob that emits waves of depression. Here are several ways I use to eliminate sadness.

1. Pour my sorrows to my twin sister
Never bottle up the negative emotions you're feeling. It will accumulate and one day you'll reaching a breaking point. No good comes out of that, right? Tell a close friend or family member about your problems. You'll usually feel relieved after pouring everything out. In my case, I tell my twin Ann, everything. I can always rely on her to make me feel tonnes better. She is my ultimate remedy of sadness ^^ Another special person who can drag me out of my moodiness is my cousin sister. We practically grew up together. Hysterical laughter and fun times are never lacking whenever I'm with Ann and my cousin sister.
2. Think of my wonderful extended family and friends
Whenever I feel down, I think of the sweet and funny memories I have with my family and friends. I have a large extended family and I'm proud to say that they are absolutely hilarious! Their antics alone have left me in fits of laughter. Looking back at these wonderful memories (family trips) certainly helps cheer up me. My friends play a part too. Just talking or chatting to them makes me happier. 

3. Watch a movie/series
Movies are a remedy for me as well. There are a few movies which crack me up no matter how many times I watch them. These include Bedazzled and the Ice Age movies. Bedazzled came out in 2000, starring Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley. This movie is uber funny and never fails to make me laugh. As for TV series, I'm really into How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. These shows make me laugh loads and that's good because laughing naturally makes you less unhappy.

4. Shopping
Okay, so retail therapy is not really the best way but it works for me :) It is absurd how I can cheer up after getting some stuff, especially clothes and makeup (I'm borderline obsessed with cosmetics)! Of course, I refrain from overspending. Otherwise, I would end up eating plain porridge everyday to cope with my overwhelming expenses.

5. Food
Ah, the wonders of food. Cheese, chocolates, pizza, cakes...they all do the trick for me. There was one particular day where I was feeling utterly stressed out by the amount of assignments I had. My sister, cousin sister and I ended up buying a tub of Baskin Robbins Hokey Pokey ice-cream to share. It immediately made us feel better. I don't know...there's something about eating ice-cream that cheers you up :) But remember, you should not go on a binging spree and overeat.

6. Listen to songs
The right songs can really lift your spirits sometimes. I have several songs which I categorize as "happy songs". They include Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (check out her music video if you haven't, it's freaking hilarious) and Avril Lavigne's What the Hell. Whenever I feel blue, I will crank these songs up and relax. The upbeat music really does make me happier. 

Being stuck in the blue is not appealing at all. So it is best if you can find specific ways to cheer yourself up. Life's like ice-cream, so enjoy it before it melts!

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