Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Gorgeous Coach Bags

Whenever I pass by a Coach outlet, I will stop and stare at the bags on display. Then I will tell myself that one day, I WILL get my very own collection of Coach bags! Yes, I'm a big fan of Coach. Sadly, my current financial status does not allow me to indulge in these bags (I'm still studying >.< ). Boo hoo! But that doesn't mean that I can't drool over the stunning bags, right?

I'm especially fascinated by the Coach Poppy collection. The bags are just so pretty! Here are some which I like:
Coach Poppy Floral Graffiti Bella Tote
I absolutely LOVE this one! Its design is uber unique. When I think of graffiti, "fabulous" doesn't come into my mind. But this bag has defied all odds and proved itself to be nothing short of gorgeous. It definitely has that 'oomph' factor! It also gives me a modern chic feel.

Coach New Poppy Canvas Butterfly Glam Tote
For this bag, it was the butterfly applique which caught my eye. I was instantly mesmerized by it. The colorful butterfly made a huge difference. It made the otherwise plain bag vibrant and youthful. 

Okay, the color of this bag played a major role in making me drool over it. Pink! Enough said :) I adore the design as well. There's nothing more girly than pink color and hearts! This bag is indeed the epitome of femininity.

Here's another one which I like. The bright and cheery colors on this bag makes me happy ^^ Yes, I know I'm hopeless when it comes to bags. But hey, you can't blame me. Bags are totally my thing!

Other than the Poppy collection, Coach has some other really nice bags. One thing I love about Coach is their creative designs.

This beach collection Coach bag makes me want to go to the beach. It strikes me as a casual sort of bag. I can certainly imagine myself carrying it around. The illustration on the bag shows that simplicity goes a long way sometimes. Simple but lovely

Okay, so I'm head over heels in love with Coach bags. Someday I WILL get these bags. Someday...


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    1. Thanks for the information :) If I really do go to Milwaukee, I'll definitely check out this boutique ^^

  2. Hello! Do you know if Coach is still selling the pink one with the hearts or if not, where it's availble? I change purses often so I don't usually spend too much on one bag, but I love this one! I am like you, crazy for pink! I get teased all the time by my boyfriend for this.

    Robin @ toxicbeautyblog.com

    1. Hi :) I checked the Coach website and it's no longer listed there. However, you could check with any Coach outlet just to confirm. It's great to hear from a pink lover =D Pink all the way! My boyfriend says that he gets blinded from all the pink in my room haha!