Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Palette (Matte)

I remember seeing my favourite makeup guru Michelle Phan using this palette and I was like "Wow...that's just FAB!" 88 colors in one whole palette. That's freakin amazing! So there I was, drooling every time it appeared on my laptop screen. But now, I no longer have to sigh over a product I don't own. It's finally MINE, my preciousss! *Think Gollum*

My fantabulous friends bought it as a present for my 22nd birthday this year. Love them heaps  ♥ Coastal Scents is not available in Malaysia so my friends actually purchased it online. They gave it to me when I was in class and I practically shrieked like a banshee. Luckily the lecturer was not there yet... but seriously, I really couldn't believe my good fortune. When I opened it, I was almost blinded by the beautiful array of colors. They are quite pigmented and of good quality. This palette is perfect for a makeup beginner. It has all the colors a person can possibly dream of.

My eyeshadows previously only contained colors like pinks, taupes, golds, browns and purples. These are the colors that I like and I didn't see the point of buying other colors which I will not use. Now with THIS gorgeous palette, I have so many colors to experiment with! I feel happy and thrilled everytime I look at the wide selection of eyeshadows. Crazy right? So now, whenever I see makeup gurus using it, I won't go "Damn, I wish I had that", I'd go "Yay, I have that too!" :)

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