Thursday, 21 April 2011

Elianto Neon Purple Nail Polish

I went to Elianto recently to get a present for my friend. I had no plans to buy anything and was determined to keep it that way. Suddenly, a flash of gorgeous purple caught my eye. And there I saw it. The perfect purple color I was looking for. The purple nail polishes that I have seen are usually too light or too dark for my liking. This shade of purple is simply fantabulous! It was also reasonably priced. I bought it for RM5.

Personally, I feel that the name "Neon Purple" doesn't really suit the product. "Neon" strikes me as a very bright and flourescent shade. This nail polish is certainly not overwhelmingly bright. It's more like a deep royal purple. How could I say no to such a lovely color? Furthermore, there was only one bottle left. It was practically screaming at me "Buy me! Buy me!" So I grabbed it instantly.

I applied two coats to get what I was satisfied with. One coat is enough for those who prefer a lighter shade but I like my nail color to be more opaque. This nail polish lasts quite long too. It was only after five days that it started to chip off and I didn't even apply a top coat (ran out of it =.=). That's good enough for me. I will definitely buy more Elianto nail polishes in the future.

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