Friday, 8 April 2011

Concealing Pimples

You wake up one morning feeling absolutely bright and perky. Prancing happily, you make your way to the bathroom to brush your teeth. And then it hits you. When you look into the mirror, you realize that a humungous pimple has sprouted out on the very center of your nose. Funny how one pimple can sometimes dampen your mood. In my case, you will probably hear a loud, demented shriek of horror...

Do not despair for all hope is not lost! There are ways of concealing zits. Green concealer is typically used to soften and cancel out redness -- pimples and redness around the nose and mouth area. Here are some green concealers which might help:

Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette

Shiseido The Makeup Stick Foundation (Control Colour)

After concealing the redness of your blemish, apply a flesh-toned concealer on it. This will provide more coverage. I use Maybelline Angelfit Perfect Concealer.

Next, apply your favourite liquid foundation. Make sure to blend it well so that the coverage is even. Finally, apply loose powder all over your face to set the foundation. This will prevent your foundation from slipping and creasing.

These steps should enable you to have a deceivingly flawless face. So now you can strut down the street with full confidence, knowing well enough that you look fab. Ah, the wonders of makeup.  It never fails to amaze me on how makeup can transform one's looks.

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