Sunday, 17 April 2011

Food Cravings

Okay, lets admit it. Everyone has food cravings every now and then. Mine struck me when I was in the middle of doing my assignment. Suddenly, a crazily delicious image materialized in my head:

Isn't it just pure temptation? This yummylicious molten chocolate lava cake is from Chili's. I ate it for the first time during the Christmas celebrations last year in Penang. Look at that! How can I not drool when I look at this picture? Huge blob of vanilla ice-cream coated with melted chocolate. Sinfully delectable chocolate cake that oozes chocolate when you cut into it. It has that creamy melt-in-your-mouth sensation as well. Gosh, this is a lethal combination. If you're a chocoholic like me, then you will definitely pounce on this out-of-the-world chocolate lava cake!

Sadly, I wasn't just craving chocolate cake. My greedy mind just HAD to remind me that there was another delicious thing at Chili's. So here it is:

This dish is called Mushroom Jack. It is a whole freakin plate of cheese, mushrooms and chicken. I absolutely love cheese and mushrooms. So needless to say, I gobbled it down with relish! The flavour was simply FAB. Love love love it ♥

Alright, looking at these pictures ain't doing me any good. My stomach is now growling in protest :( I feel like banging my fists and demanding for both dishes! Okay, okay, I will just have to wait until I go to Chili's again to savour these wonderful cravings of mine.

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