Friday, 29 April 2011

Christian Dior Bags

I was browsing through some pictures on the internet when I came across a picture of the lovely Monica Bellucci:

Isn't this advertisement just plain gorgeous? Love the bag! Its design is so elegant and chic! I particularly like that the handles of the bags are golden chains. This makes the black bag all the more interesting. Up to now, I haven't really noticed bags produced by Christian Dior. But after seeing this picture, I quickly went to look up Dior bags.

And man, I'm impressed. Dior keeps its bag designs simple, typically a one tone color. But that does not stop it from looking really sleek and beautiful. Here are some examples of Dior bags that caught my attention:

This light purple leather shoulder bag really attracted me. I simply love that it is of a pastel color. It gives off soothing vibes but also screams chioness! The handles of the bag are uniquely shaped in a circle. Details like these are definitely a bonus point.

Baby pink. Enough said. I have such a weakness for baby pink colored things. I can totally hear it calling out to me... This adorable bag is perfect for those going for a cute yet polished look.

In conclusion, Dior bags are absolutely stunning. These bags show that a little goes a long way. They can still pack a punch regardless of their simple designs.

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