Thursday, 10 March 2011


I'm not the kind of girl who would go bonkers over shoes. But BAGS, yes indeed! I totally love big bags, especially those with loads of compartments. I adore dark-colored bags in particular but I do occasionally favour white bags. The only downside of white bags is that they get dirty real fast and sometimes it's so difficult to get the dirt off. I am particularly infatuated with Burberry bags. I don't know...something about their design appeals to me greatly! I simply love this Burberry bag ♥ :

Isn't it just GORGEOUS? It's so sleek and elegant, the perfect bag for me! I also adore the one Emma Watson is holding:

I like dark bags with a touch of colour as well. That's why I was drooling over this adorable bag by Burberry. And it is PINK!!! I love pink ♥ I can totally imagine myself strutting down the street with this chic bag hanging on my arm....

Speaking of pink, this fantastic Coach bag caught my eye:

In my opinion, tassles can greatly enhance a bag. They make bags so much more interesting and you can really see the creativity there. Gucci obviously realized this too :

I really love the black one but I also like the white one. Man, I dislike dilemmas like this :( Maybe I should just get both! *Notes the impossibility of such action*

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