Saturday, 19 March 2011

Worst Spaghetti EVER

Hands down. I have NEVER tasted such horrendous spaghetti in my whole life!!! It all began when I went to a dessert shop with my sister and housemate for dinner. Though dessert is its specialty, this shop does sell other food stuff as well. I was not in a mood for anything fried, so I thought hey, spaghetti sounds fab. Thus, I ordered their Cheese Spaghetti.

When the spaghetti arrived, all I could do was stare at it in absolute horror. It was soooo do I put this nicely...plain. I literally mean PLAIN. Come on, a normal dish of spaghetti would usually include some ingredients like slices of meat or mushrooms. But NO, this spaghetti stood out in a nasty way. It did NOT have any ingredients in it at all. There wasn't even any nice gravy. Oh and as for the cheese, it is Cheese Spaghetti after all, there was a single slice of cheese placed on the top of the limp strands of spaghetti. How is THAT even possible? I always thought that the cheese is supposed to be melted and mixed with the spaghetti! The cheese used for this spaghetti is the solid cheese which you normally eat with bread (Think Kraft Cheese).

That's not all. I suppose if the spaghetti strands tasted alright, I could force myself to eat the whole thing, cheese and all. But hell no, I could not bear to finish it at all. Why? Well that's because the spaghetti strands itself were sooooo limp, mushy and tasteless. Obviously they had over-boiled it. It felt as if I was eating sodden, left-in-the-larder-too-long noodles! In the end, I could only manage to eat one-third of it. Any more and I would have thrown up >.<

The worst thing is that the spaghetti was rather expensive. Surely such outrageously screwed spaghetti doesn't cost THAT much. Too bad that I forgot to take a photo of the thing itself but I guess you can roughly picture it. I'm never going back to that shop for its main meals ever again. Maybe just for its dessert which was alright.


  1. Seconded! Tasted like shit XD muahaha!

  2. I know right...Sheesh! >.<