Monday, 14 March 2011

Series I ♥

Boredom can be such a cruel thing. It makes people grow restless and makes them want to tear their own hair out. BUT if you have a collection of TV series which you can watch anytime, there will be fewer complains of boredom :) I also like the fact that these TV series helps ease my mind after hours of doing strenuous assignments and studying. Watching my much loved series helps me relax greatly. Here are a few English series which I have been LOVING lately:


I swear, Dean and Sam Winchester never fail to make me laugh and wince at the same time. Trust Dean to render you to tears by laughing too hard. As for Sam, I must say that he has MASTERED the pained look. He always has this particular look when Dean says something stupid. Sure, there are definitely dark moments, even touching ones in Supernatural. And that's what I love about this series. It is a whole combination of horror, family, comedy and good vs evil kind of thing. It makes you laugh hysterically and it also makes you cry. This has got to be one of my ultimate favourites of all time. By the way....Jensen Ackles is sooooo hot!!! *sighs*

How I Met Your Mother

This is definitely another favourite of mine. Every episode is hilarious! I especially love Barney and his awesomeness ^^ This is one of the few shows where I actually like all of the characters. They are just so lovable. Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall and Barney--They always succeed in making my day a better one. God knows how many times I have rewatched this series....

Criminal Minds

Okay, here comes a more serious one. The thing I like about Criminal Minds is that they actually show how the minds of psychotic and sadistic criminals work. And of course, there's the suspense factor and the fabulous cast. This is another show where I like all the characters. Each of them have their own unique personality, from the ever-serious Hotch to the genius and endearing Reid. Personally, I like Dr Spencer Reid best. He is just too adorable!

The Big Bang Theory

I have just started watching The Big Bang Theory and am already loving it! The four socially awkward characters are simply a pleasure to watch. Their nerdy mannerisms are totally epic. This especially applies to Sheldon who has OCD. He really makes the whole show work. Definitely a must watch!

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