Saturday, 5 March 2011

Fabulous Ipoh Trip

My Final Year Project is finally DONE!!! I'm freeeee *does a celebratory dance*

Well not totally free actually beacuse there are still loads of assignments and presentations. But still, finishing my FYP really eases the pressure. So today, I went to Ipoh for a shopping trip with my sister, cousin and housemate. I haven't shopped for ages and I was practically itching to get SOMETHING. Naturally, I got makeup in the end :) I bought a purple shadow liner from Maybeline. It is called the 2-IN-1 Impact Shadow Liner. It's great as this product can be used as an eyeliner or eyeshadow :) I HAVE been wanting a purple eyeliner so this is a worthy purchase!

After shopping, we decided to have Korean food for dinner. The food was simply awesome! We ordered beef and pork to be grilled. Of course the waiters there grilled it for us, otherwise we would have burnt the meat into inedible blackened bits. We wrapped the grilled meat with lettuce together with garlic and some kind of spicy vegetable. Then we consumed the whole bundle of food in one mighty chomp. Freakin delicious!!! We also ordered other dishes like spicy Kimchi soup. Here's a yummy-licious picture of what we ate....

And after we finished eating....

Overall, it was a fantabulous dinner and I enjoyed it immensely. It's real fun to hang out with my dear sister, wacky cousin and hilarious housemate (I swear, those girls are so freakin funny!) Love you gurls muacks ♥ Hopefully there will be more fun-filled times like this!

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